360 Spraypaint from Mexico is dedicated to Graffiti since the early 2000s supporting mostly Graffiti in Mexico. After improving their technology and recipes since more than a decade, the brand recently released a high-quality spraycan. It is made of the best ingredients and finally is ready to jump across the Atlantic to Europe. Dealers welcome!



360 is five times high! High covering, high cap control, high line control, high UV resistance enabling high quality blends and fades! The paint prevents drips, is fast drying and made of the best pigments! And the best: it is absolutey free of lead and CFC and does not harm the ozone layer!
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It all started back in the years from 1997 to 2001 at an abandoned area in Wiesbaden (Germany) when the famous “Wall Street Meeting” was created. After its destruction in 2002 out of the dust “Meeting Of Styles” came into life. Since then to this day by the help of partners MOS realised more than 250 events worldwide pulling off an international event on a global scale.

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